Student Urgent Relief Bursary (SURF)

SURF Update: Friday, 17 July 2020 

Thank you to all students who have been in contact about SURF. We are very grateful for your patience as we work through a high volume of enquiries and requests. All students are advised that applications received in the last fornight now exceed the amount of funds available at present.

So whilst you may continue to get in touch, we may need to redirect you to other potential sources of financial support or await further rounds of support funds if they become available in the future. 

About the Student Urgent Relief Bursary (SURF)

Through the generosity of our supporters and donors, a new Student Urgent Relief Bursary (SURF) is now available to support ANU students who are experiencing unexpected financial hardship. We know people are doing it tough and we're here to help as best we can.

Additional finance from this fund has already been allocated to top up some existing schemes, to which students already apply, in light of increased demands we have seen to these funds in 2020. This has been used, for example, to increase emergency accommodation bursaries to support more students experiencing housing cost issues. A list of University funds currently operating to support students facing financial hardship is included below.

And now SURF applications are open to offer support for students facing unexpected and urgent financial hardship, provided they have not claimed and received the same costs from other University funds.


The SURF will support students experiencing financial challenges and may include, but is not limited to:
  • Travel grant
  • Study grant
  • Emergency grant
  • Opportunity and Employability grant
  • Accommodation bursary
  • Other support to meet the costs of living and current studying requirements.

Whilst there is no upper limit for funding requests, it is expected that requests to the fund will normally range from $250 - $5000.

There is no deadline to apply and every effort will be taken to process applications in a timely manner, normally on a weekly basis. Funds are limited and the SURF scheme will operate until current funds are fully spent.

How to apply

Please note: Your email to is considered your official application for SURF. 

You will normally be expected to be a currently enrolled student at ANU to be eligible to apply to these funds, which are open to students at all levels of study or research, and both domestic and international students.
To apply you should send the following to the Office of the Registrar, at, using the subject line << SURF Application >>
  1. A personal statement providing an explanation of the financial hardship you are experiencing and setting out the specifics of financial support you are seeking to continue your studies; you should list all items and costs separately in case funds available may only cover partial contribution to support your needs
  2. A personal declaration, included within your statement or separately, to attest you have not received funding support for the costs for which you are applying to SURF from any other University fund (* see declaration wording below)
  3. Supporting documents, receipts or other evidence of financial need and costs which supports your application and the items for which you are seeking financial assistance

Your application must be submitted via your ANU student email account and all correspondence, for example to seek clarification or additional information, will be with this email address.

Your personal information will be treated confidentially but may be shared across ANU records systems or ANU teams as part of assessing and processing your application.

After your initial submission, further information may be requested to support your application which may affect processing timelines.


Your submission should include a signed personal declaration like below:
  • I declare that all information provided on this form is complete and correct. I understand that the University may require evidence to support claims I have made in this application, and check information provided on this form against other University records. I understand that any incorrect statements on this form may jeopardise my application or lead to the revocation of any bursary after it has been granted. I undertake to notify the University of any change in my financial circumstances. I confirm I have not received support for or reimbursement of costs in this application from any other ANU funds.

If you have questions, prior to submitting your application please contact Student Central in the first instance, at and we'll be pleased to help or redirect you to assistance with your application. Please use email subject << SURF Application >> to help us prioritise your enquiry.


Other Sources of Funding Assistance to Support Students

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