Research students

Fieldwork is an integral part of many research programs and covers a wide range of data-gathering activities. Discussions about your fieldwork should begin early in your candidature.

Your supervisor and local academic area in your College will assist you with your fieldwork application. Students should expect to prepare a research plan for fieldwork and a budget including the cost of travel, data collection, data entry, special equipment including software, additional living costs etc before applying for travel via Travel eForm.

All HDR candidates must complete the appropriate training before commencing fieldwork. HDR Candidates are also expected to have completed their Research Proposal Review.

Fieldwork is considered part of your candidature. You remain enrolled during the absence from campus and liable for tuition fees, if applicable. Your College should record details of your approved Fieldwork absences in the Student Administration System. 

For further assistance, contact your local HDR administrator in your academic area directly or your College student administration office to find the appropriate contact in your area.   Your academic area in the College will advise you about the requirements for financial reporting and submitting your final financial statement in relation to your fieldwork trip.  

Coursework students

Coursework students undertaking fieldwork normally do so as part of their normal course enrolment. Funding opportunities may be available for fieldwork, so discuss options with your ANU College Student Office administrators.