Equivalent full-time student load

Equivalent full-time student load (EFTSL) is the measure used to determine a student's study-load.

The University sets a unit value for each of its courses. One EFTSL is the amount of student load determined by the University to be equal to a full-time load at 100 percent intensity for one student for one year.

At ANU one EFTSL is 48 units, or 8 x 6-unit courses.

EFTSL is sometimes required by external organisations or government departments such as Centrelink, as it provides a universal measurement of study load and is typically used to determine eligibility for payments and allowances.

Calculating your EFTSL

Your EFTSL calculation will be based on the number of units you are enrolled in.

Enrolled unitsEFSTL calculation

1 course worth 6 units

(1 x 6) ÷ 48 = 0.125 EFTSL

4 courses each worth 6 units each

(4 x 6) ÷ 48 = 0.5 EFTSL

8 courses each worth 6 units each

(8 x 6) ÷ 48 = 1 EFTSL