The Tillyard Prize

The Prize commemorates Dr Robin and Mrs Patricia Tillyard, who were important contributors to the formation and early life of the University as well as to the wider Canberra community.

This prize is offered by the Australian National University.


The Tillyard Prize is the oldest and most prestigious prize available to bachelor degree students of the University.  Originally established in 1940, the Prize is awarded to the student whose personal qualities and contribution to University life have been outstanding and who in the year of the award has completed a Degree of Bachelor with Honours.

Nominations can be submitted by students (either for themselves or for other suitably qualified students) or by Deans of ANU Colleges, Heads or Directors of Discipline areas, Departments, Schools, Centres, Programs or other academic staff of the University.

Previous winners

Year Name
2022 Sai Campbell
2021 Elvis Gleeson
2021 Sumithri Venketasubramanian
2020 Eleanor Armstrong
2019 Geoffrey Liu
2018 Emily Katherine Campbell
2018 Marcus Dahl
2017 Odette Shenfield
2017 Yash Vyas
2016 Siobhan Tobin
2015 Samantha An Mun Cheah
2014 William Bullock Jenkins
2014 Lachlan McGinness
2013 William Albert Gort
2013 Brody John Isaac Warren