John Buckingham Research Project Awards

There shall be Awards available each year which shall be known as the John Buckingham Research Project Awards.

Offered by ANU College of Health & Medicine


The Awards shall be awarded to those students who, in that year were enrolled in Year Three of the Doctor of Medicine and Surgery (MChD)/Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) Program in the ANU College of Health and Medicine; were awarded a Higher Level Performance (HLP) grade for MEDI2003 (Medical School Research Project) when initially submitted; and achieved percentage scores above a determined boundary cutoff (determined by the spread of marks on the distribution profile); and received an HLP mark from both the supervisor and examiner for the discussion section.

Details of prizes including eligibility and Conditions of Award are subject to change without notice.

Previous winners

Year Name
2021 Peta O'Brien
2021 Sarah Fitzgerald
2021 Alex Fisher
2021 Niharika Gupta
2021 Arvind Kamath
2021 Liam McBride Kelly
2020 Serena Mevissen
2020 Kelsey Walsh
2020 Victor Forcadela
2020 Sally Laughton
2020 Daniel Beteramia
2013 Roxanna Lane (Inaugural award)
2013 Shaun Vaughn (Inaugural award)
2013 Jessica Fardon (Inaugural award)
2013 John Yek (Inaugural award)
2013 Marie Mansfield (Inaugural award)
2013 Arunima Jain (Inaugural award)
2013 Frederick Chung (Inaugural award)
2013 Jae-Gon Yoo (Inaugural award)
2013 Rebecca Mathews (Inaugural award)
2013 Joshua Ross Griffin (Inaugural award)
2013 Pasqualina Macolino (Inaugural award)