J G Crawford Prize


The J.G. Crawford Prizes were established in 1973 to recognise Sir John Crawford's outstanding contributions to the University, both as Vice-Chancellor for five years (1968-1973) and as Director of the Research School of Pacific Studies for the preceding seven years (1960-1967). Sir John was also the Chancellor of the University from 1976 to 1984.

These prizes are offered by the Australian National University.


Each prize consists of a medal for desk display and a monetary prize of $2000 for the PhD prizes and $1000 for the Master Degree prize. Where possible, the prizes are presented at the University's Conferring of Awards Ceremonies.


Early each year, nominations are called for though the College Deans. Those graduate students most deserving of recognition for the quality of their graduate work are selected on the basis of academic excellence by a committee appointed by the Vice-Chancellor. Two prizes are available for award to PhD students who have been approved to the degree during the preceding calendar year, normally one for the natural sciences and one for social sciences/humanities. From time to time a prize for outstanding ability in integrating and applying different fields, approaches and/or knowledge may be awarded. This option became available with effect from 2010.

One prize is also available for Master degree graduates whose program of study has been composed of or included research and the preparation of a thesis.

Details of prizes including eligibility and Conditions of Award are subject to change without notice.

Previous winners

Year Name
2018 Dr Eve Warburton
2018 Dr Virginia Mazzini
2018 Dr Ben (Mengbin) Ye
2017 Dr Jonathan Henshaw
2017 Dr Anthea Roberts
2017 Dr Hugh Webb
2016 Dr Alexis Bergantz
2016 Dr Nian Jiang
2015 Dr Kai Xun Chan
2015 Dr Ngoc Yen Le Hoang
2014 Dr Laura Michelle Rademaker
2014 Dr Ganna Gryn'ova
2013 Dr Julie Helen Brooke
2013 Dr John Daniel Cusbert
2013 Dr Melissa Kay Ness
2012 Paul Anthony Altin
2012 Nicholas Whitridge Cheesman
2012 Peter Christopher Leslie Humphries (Master Degree Prize)