Hanna Neumann Prize for First Year Mathematics

Offered by ANU College of Science


The prize shall be awarded each year to the student who, in that year was enrolled in a Bachelor degree program, has completed at least 48 units and not more then 72 units at the end of the award year, and achieved the best aggregate results in 12 units of HPC mathematics courses or advanced studies mathematics courses.

Details of prizes including eligibility and Conditions of Award are subject to change without notice.

Previous winners

Year Name
2018 Isabel Rose Longbottom
2017 Aymon Wuolanne
2017 James Ashton
2016 Yuxi Liu
2015 Tianheng Zhang
2014 Dmitry Brizhinev
2013 Owen Hearder
2013 Hao Jeng
2012 Man Ching Joyce Mau
2011 Yitao Lei
2010 Amitesh Datta (Inaugural award)