Gray Smith and Joan Scott Prize

Offered by ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences


Each year the ANU School of Art & Design, ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences may offer a prize known as the Gray Smith and Joan Scott Prize.

The objective of the prize is to recognise outstanding students who are enrolled in an Honours year in the Bachelor of Visual Arts at ANU, in one of the following the disciplines; Painting, Photography, Printmedia and Drawing, or Animation and Video. 

Funding for this prize has been provided by Sheenagh Callahan to honour her father Gray Smith and her mother Joan Scott.

Gray Smith was a painter, poet and jeweller who created art based on his intense interest in capturing and telling Australian stories. Gray was a friend and contemporary of many of the leading lights of Australian art in the 1940s, 50s and 60s including John and Sunday Reed, Sydney Nolan, Albert Tucker, John Perceval, Arthur Boyd and Charlie Blackman. His first major artistic partnership was with Joy Hester. Gray made a significant contribution to the narrative of Australian art and his work and story should be considered at an equal level to his more successful contemporaries.

Joan Scott (nee Davis) was a student and avid supporter of the arts. She was active in the artistic movement called the 'Push' in the 1950s with Sydney and Melbourne becoming a part of the flourishing artistic world through her interests and partnerships. During the 1950s and 60s Joan made a significant impact on the careers of Peter Upward and Gray Smith. Joan continued a life-long interest in the arts including the completion of study at ANU leading to the award of a Graduate Diploma in Art History.

Details of prizes including eligibility and Conditions of Award are subject to change without notice.