Graham Wilkinson Prize

There shall be a prize for award each year known as the ANU Medical School Graham Wilkinson Prize.

Offered by ANU College of Health & Medicine


The prize shall be awarded each year to the student who, in that year was enrolled in Year 4 of the Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery Program; achieved three of more higher level performance (HLP) results in four designated assessments (research project, end year 2, end year 3, and end of semester 1 in year 4); and enhanced the Medical School experience and contributed to the broader community during their studies.

Details of prizes including eligibility and Conditions of Award are subject to change without notice.

Previous winners

Year Name
2021 Stephanie Coates
2021 Connor Larson
2020 Lucy Kirk
2019 Kathryn Dickson
2018 Matthew Franklin
2017 Hamed Shahnam
2016 Mary Good
2015 Nicholas Holt
2014 Gemma Reynolds
2013 Michael Krasovitsky
2012 Budhima Nanayakkara
2011 Daniel Heard
2010 Alicia Paul
2009 Alice Kennard
2008 Shirin Jamshidi
2007 Catherine Brogan (Inaugural award)