Cancer Council ACT Pathology Prize Year Four

The Academic Unit of Pathology at the ANU Medical School in conjunction with The Cancer Council ACT has instituted the Year Four Pathology Prize in order to promote knowledge of, and interest in, Pathology. 

Offered by ANU College of Health & Medicine


The prize is for award each year to the student who in that year was enrolled in Year Four of the Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery Program; and completed the required Pathology question in the Year Four examination and whose performance on the question was assessed by the Selection Committee as outstanding and reflecting comprehensive knowledge and application of pathology issues at the Year Four level.

Details of prizes including eligibility and Conditions of Award are subject to change without notice.

Riley Attard
Kate Phillips
Gemma Buttigieg
Ky Ruprecht
Catherine Hall
Alexandra Thoms
Charbel Wehbe
Stephanie Baddock
Melissa Craft
John Brooling
Katherine Mackay
Robert Gordon

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