Biology Prize for Third Year

There shall be a prize of $500 for award each year which shall be known as the Biology Prize for Third Year.

Offered by ANU College of Science


The prize shall be awarded each year to the student who in that year was enrolled in a program leading to the award of a degree of Bachelor; and achieved the best result as shown by the award of the highest average mark in any three courses from the BIOL3000 range of courses offered in that year.

Details of prizes including eligibility and Conditions of Award are subject to change without notice.

Previous winners

Year Name
2021 Eloise Maher
2020 Capella Seaforth Maguire
2019 Jordan Lo Pilato
2018 Callum Kay
2017 Prince Sebastian
2016 Thomas John McKinlay
2015 Rebecca Drown
2014 Lauren Ashman
2014 Rebecca Drown
2013 Borbala Cser
2012 Thomas Brereton
2011 Stephanie Oberprieler
2010 Rosina Muir (Inaugural award)
2010 Sashika Natasha Richards (Inaugural award)