Domestic Students

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Some information on this page has been amended due to operational changes made in light of COVID-19

The following amendments have been made to this page (last updated 10 October 2020):

  • Contact information: Student Central
  • Administrative dates: Semester 1 2020, Census Date has been moved to 8 May

From 1 January 2017, the Australian Government removed the upfront HECS-HELP discount of 10% for eligible students that pay their student contributions upfront and the voluntary HELP repayment bonus of 5%. For more information visit the Australian Government's StudyAssist website. 

On-line Credit or Scheme Debit cards (Mastercard & Visa ONLY)

Paying on-line through ISIS means that your payment will display immediately on your student account. 

  • Log into ISIS
  • Click the compass button in the top-right hand corner of the screen and then click 'Navigation'
  • Select 'Account Details' from the menu
  • Select 'Charges to Pay'.
  • Select 'Make a Payment'.
  • Scroll down and click on the 'Dialect' icon.

It's that easy!  When your transaction is successfully completed you will receive a payment receipt number. Please record this as it is your official receipt number.

Credit card numbers are not stored by ANU.


All students with an Australian bank account with one of the financial institutions participating in BPAY® will be able to use this method to pay their fees.

BPAY® can be used to pay tuition fees, Student Services & Amenities fees and HECS from a cheque, savings or credit card accounts.

Please Note: Payments may take 24-48 hours to appear on your student account depending upon the time of day the payment is made.  Payments made on weekends may take longer. 

Your BPAY® biller code and reference number will appear on your invoice.  The BPAY® reference number is unique to you, the session you are paying for and the type of fee you are paying. If you use another student's BPAY® reference number, you will be paying somebody else's fees.  To ensure your payment is allocated correctly, use the reference number on the current invoice each term.

BPAY® Biller Code: 39545

BPAY® Reference Numbers for 2020

Term Name

Term Code


Fees (DTF, ISF, SA Fee,

OSHC and Late Fees)*

Summer/Quarter 1 3020

02081<uni id>

02043<uni id>

First Semester 3030

03081<uni id>

03043<uni id>

Autumn/Quarter 2 3040

04081<uni id>

04043<uni id>

Winter/Quarter 3


05081<uni id>

05043<uni id>

Second Semester


06081<uni id>

06043<uni id>

Spring/Quarter 4


07081<uni id>

07043<uni id>

** When including your uni id, only use the 7 digits, do not include the letter 'u'. **

BPAY® Biller Code: 39545

BPAY® Reference Numbers for 2021

Term Name

Term Code


Fees (DTF, ISF, SA Fee,

OSHC and Late Fees)*

Summer/Quarter 1 3120

12081<uni id>

12043<uni id>

First Semester 3130

13081<uni id>

13043<uni id>

Autumn/Quarter 2 3140

14081<uni id>

14043<uni id>

Winter/Quarter 3


15081<uni id>

15043<uni id>

Second Semester


16081<uni id>

16043<uni id>

Spring/Quarter 4


17081<uni id>

17043<uni id>

** When including your uni id, only use the 7 digits, do not include the letter 'u'. **

Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS)

Anyone making a payment from overseas can take advantage of Western Union Business Solutions. It is more reliable than arranging a money transfer or paying by bank draft. To pay your fees using this method students must complete the Western Union payment form.  More information can be found in the Western Union student payment links under the "Resource" heading on this page.

Students paying by bank draft have experienced issues with drafts being dishonoured. The ANU have had difficulty in recovering dishonoured cheques from our bank to re-present and International banks often require the draft to be returned in order to release funds and to re-issue the bank draft.  In order to avoid this anxiety and distress we recommend using Western Union Business Solutions.

Please note: The Australian National University does not offer payment plans for the payment of tuition fees