Theses Reimbursement

Students may be entitled to an allowance for reimbursement of thesis production costs.

Payments are made as reimbursement of the amount specified on original tax invoice(s)/receipt(s), into the student's bank account.


Students are eligible where  a thesis allowance entitlement is expressly stated in the conditions of award.

The entitlement will be lost in the event of withdrawal or termination of the scholarship following the student's inability to continue to meet the eligibility requirements of the scholarship.

The allowance must be claimed within 12 months of submission of the thesis and no more than two (2) years after termination of the scholarship, unless exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated.

A case outlining the exceptional circumstances must be made to the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Graduate Research), before approval for reimbursement can be considered.

Process to make a case: Please email the Graduate Research Office HDR Examinations team via, with a case addressed to the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Graduate Research) and you may attach any relevant supporting documentation. 

The allowance cannot be claimed prior to submission of the thesis for examination.

Amount of allowance (in the form of reimbursement)

The amount of the thesis allowance is specified in the conditions of award.

Scope of expenses that can be claimed

Direct thesis production costs that can be claimed include:

  • Paper or digital media for submitted thesis;
  • Professional copying or printing of the thesis; and
  • Binding of the thesis.

Costs that will not be considered for reimbursement include:

  • Postage;
  • Travel;
  • Proof-reading/editing costs that do not meet the above requirements; or
  • Computer hardware, software or accessories.

Proof-reading/editing costs may be claimed against the scholarship thesis reimbursement allowance if:

  • It has been foreshadowed to the HDR Examinations Team, Graduate Research Office ( not later than at the time of notification of intention to submit a thesis;
  • It is accompanied by a statement on the nature and extent of the proof-reading/editing which is to be carried out;
  • It is accompanied by a supporting statement from the supervisor which outlines why the proof-reading editing is necessary and that it has supervisory support;
  • Details are provided about the credentials of the proposed proof-reader/editor and that the person's appropriateness (in context of the subject matter of the thesis) to undertake the work; and
  • Proof reader provides official tax invoice/receipt stating their Australian Business Number (ABN), hours involved and hourly rate charged.

Responsible areas for claim types

Students who are submitting a claim should forward the required documentation to the relevant area.

  • NHMRC, NICTA and APA(I) claims: school finance area.
  • ANU Research Scholarships (inclusive of Australian Government Research Training Program Stipend Scholarship) claims: HDR Examinations Team, Graduate Research Office 


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