Assessment of higher degree research

The primary piece of assessment for higher degree research (HDR) programs is the thesis. The thesis is submitted at the end of the program and is the culmination of the research conducted during the program.

In addition to the thesis, research students are required to complete progress milestones during their program. Some research programs also require the completion of coursework.

Your supervisory team will support and assist you in your research and guide you through the formation of your thesis. Once it is completed it is to be submitted for examination following the thesis submission guidelines.

Theses are examined in accordance with the Research Awards Rules.

On the recommendation of the Delegated Authority, the appropriate Education Dean will appoint at least two external expert examiners of international standing to examine your thesis. Members of your supervisory panel cannot be an examiner of your thesis.

Once your thesis has been examined, you will be notified of the examiners' recommendations. For each thesis, examiners are required to recommend one of the following outcomes:

  • that the student be granted the award
  • that the student be granted the award subject to corrections or revisions required by the examiners in the thesis to be made to the satisfaction of the Delegated Authority in the copy intended for deposit with the University Library
  • that the student be permitted to submit a revised thesis for re-examination
  • that the student be failed.

Students have the right to appeal a fail result.