ANU courses commonly use a number of online resources and activities including video material, video conferencing, email and other messaging tools for communication, and interactive web apps for effective learning.


Wattle is an online environment that facilitates learning, communication and collaboration that can be used to make lecture notes, readings, digital lecture recordings and other learning resources available to your students online.


ISIS allows students to enrol, view invoices, check grades, confirm graduation eligibility, pay fees, submit commonwealth assistance forms (CAF), maintain personal information.

Echo360 Active Learning Platform (ALP)

Echo360 is a university-wide system designed to capture and record lectures and upload lecturer-created videos for access through Moodle (Wattle). Please check the list of recommended browsers for a smooth experience.


The Academic Timetabling Service System includes a website where readers can locate timetable and room availability information and an administrative side for staff to manage timetables.


This text-matching service is designed to educate students regarding appropriate citation and referencing techniques. It's used to assess assignment submissions as a component of our approach to managing Academic Integrity. Please check the system requirements before using.


Zoom is a video conferring tool that allows you to connect to tutorials, study groups and seminars remotely. The system requirements for desktops and mobile devices can be found on the Zoom website.


An upgraded Office 365 (known as Wave 15) includes a new interface, increased mailbox size, and a mobile application for android and iOS users.

MS Office

Office 365 is a platform that delivers a range of integrated productivity, collaboration and cloud storage apps that can be accessed from your desktop computer, laptop or smart device. MS Teams is part of the MS Office suite, and has a web application as well. If you'd like to download the client, please read through the MS Teams' hardware requirements.

Virtual Information Commons

Virtual Information Commons lets you remotely access programs on the campus Information Commons from your computer using your University login.

GlobalProtect VPN

GlobalProtect virtual private network allows you to access campus services remotely and it is available for Windows and Mac operating systems.


For courses where remote invigilation is required, ANU uses Proctorio to ensure that examinations are taken safely and securely. Proctorio is integrated with Wattle and is used in conjunction with the quiz activity component. Please check the system requirements before using.


An electronic portfolio or ePortfolio is similar in concept to the paper-based portfolio. Its benefit is that in electronic format your portfolio is portable anywhere that you have Internet access.