Kitchen Garden program

The ANU Kitchen Garden program is an ANU Thrive initiative, in collaboration with the Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Foundation and made possible through the ACT Health Promotion Grants Program.

What is it?

The Kitchen Garden program will be a network of gardens on the ANU campus, which will produce fresh, seasonal, delicious food.

The gardens will offer off-campus students and self-catered on-campus residents the chance to regularly meet, carry out gardening and garden maintenance, and benefit from the harvest.

The program will also include:

  • Monthly cooking classes, using garden produce where possible
  • Gardening workshops for growing your own vegetables, including in small spaces
  • The development of a cookbook and a healthy eating seminar each semester, in partnership with a dietician
  • Four financial wellbeing workshops per year, with a focus on cooking your own food
  • Access to trained, later-year student mentors
  • Volunteering opportunities for Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Gardens at local primary schools.

What are we trying to achieve?

Young people, including university students, report disproportionately high levels of loneliness and distress. As well, young people have some of the lowest self-reported fruit and vegetable intakes across all age groups, and healthy eating is known to contribute to physical and mental health. The Kitchen Garden program aims to address both of these issues.

The program offers students the chance to:

  • Build skills to nurture and grow your own food 
  • Develop your confidence and ability to cook healthy meals
  • Create new connections and networks with students and staff, in a safe, respective, and inclusive space
  • Develop skills beyond academic learning that will serve you into the future
  • Engage in volunteer work and contribute to the local community and share a sense of purpose with others. 

Additionally, the attendance of ANU Thrive's student-mentors (Peer Educators) will provide an informal avenue through which you can have a chat about anything that might be concerning you, and organise a follow-up if needed.

How can I get involved?

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the Kitchen Garden program has been unfortunately delayed. However, you can watch this space, and be assured that we're doing everything we can to get it happening as soon as possible.

Please contact ANU Thrive if you have any questions (email:

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