The note-taking service supports students with a physical disability by providing a note-taker to attend and take notes at lectures.

Eligible students requiring note-taking support will be asked to provide a comprehensive timetable of the courses being studied. This information should include:

  • course code and name
  • days and times of lectures
  • location of lectures
  • student contact details.

We will attempt to employ a note-taker as soon as possible. Once a note-taker has been identified the student will be advised of the note-taker's name and contact details.

The identification and appointment of note-takers can be a time consuming process. Eligible students are encouraged to be proactive and advise of course details at least two weeks prior to the commencement date of the program of study. If we are not advised within a reasonable time frame, we are unable to guarantee that note-taking support will be provided when needed.

Students are required to attend all lectures for which note-taking support has been provided and to advise of any changes to lecture times, venues or enrolment.