Current students of ANU, including international students, who have a disability, medical condition or who are recognised primary carers of a person with a disability may be eligible to register to access reasonable adjustments.

The definition of disability is based on the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1992 and includes:

  • deafness and hearing impairment
  • blindness and vision impairment
  • physical disability
  • specific learning disability
  • psychiatric disability
  • acquired brain injury
  • chronic medical conditions
  • temporary disability (e.g. broken limb, affected mobility, or short term medical conditions).

Eligibility time frames depends on the nature of disability or medical condition. Students with a condition that is variable or treatable may be required to re-new their registration and provide updated medical documentation after six months.

Registration is arranged by appointment via email at access.inclusion@anu.edu.au with the following information and documentation provided:

  • Completed Health Practitioner Report/ Medical Documentation
  • Completed Access & Inclusion Registration Form
  • Student ID Number and current best contact phone number
  • Availability for appointment

Access & Inclusion will review your medical documentation and if eligible contact you to arrange an appointment or alternatively discuss your circumstances further if required.

Registration is free and students are encouraged to register as soon as possible.