Student complaint resolution

Life in a community as large and as complicated as ANU can sometimes throw up challenges that are difficult to manage on your own. You might have a problem with a fellow student or a staff member, with your accommodation or your academic work, with ANU administration or some aspects of ANU rules and processes.

If you do come across some difficulty in your life at ANU, don't hesitate to raise it with the Dean of Students. In most cases, problems can be resolved through informal enquiries and discussions. If informal approach does not resolve the problem, students can initiate a formal complaint resolution process.

Academic complaint resolution

We can advise and support students who lodge a formal complaint through this process, and students are strongly advised to consult the Dean if they are considering a formal complaint after reading the:

  • Academic problems, appeals, complaints procedure
  • Student complaint resolution policy.

For advice on making an appeal or complaint, you can also consult with:

  • ANU Students' Association (ANUSA)
  • Postgraduate and Research Students' Association (PARSA).
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