Respectful relationships at ANU


The Unit was established in January 2019 by ANU as part of the University's response to the Australian Human Rights Commission's (AHRC) Change the Course - A National Report on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment at Australian Universities 2017 and the ongoing hard work and advocacy by members of ANUSA and PARSA, and other student activist communities.

Following the AHRC report, the Vice-Chancellor set up two advisory groups: a Respectful Relationships Steering group to guide and oversee the University's response to the report; and a Respectful Relationships Working Group to provide internal advice to ensure effective implementation of strategies. The Steering Group agreed to dissolve itself in February 2019, following the establishment of the Respectful Relationships Unit, as the Unit took on the role of providing guidance and advice to the University. The Working Group transitioned into the Respectful Relationships Advisory Group.

Respectful Relationships Advisory Group

The Respectful Relationships Advisory Group is chaired by a senior staff member of the University and reports directly to the Vice-Chancellor. The current chair is Tony Foley.


The Respectful Relationships Unit reports to the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student and University Experience).

The Respectful Relationships Unit is led by a Unit Manager. Joel Radcliffe has held this position since early 2021.

Timeline of Key Milestones


The Respectful Relationships Unit conducted engagement sessions with the ANU community on the Sexual Violence Prevention Strategy's Rolling Action Plan

The Respectful Relationships Unit coordinated with key stakeholders to help deliver education and training to student leaders, new on-campus residents, and students new to ANU at the beginning of 2020


ANU and the Respectful Relationships Unit participated in the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence in November/December 2019

The ANU Sexual Violence Prevention Strategy 2019-2026 was released in November 2019, following consultations with community

The ANU Sexual Misconduct Policy was released

The ANU Sexual Misconduct Disclosure Form was released to the ANU community

An extensive suite of training opportunities was rolled out to the ANU community

The Respectful Relationships Unit Facebook page was established as a key community communications avenue 

First staff appointments made to the Respectful Relationships Unit beginning in January 2019


The Review of ANU Residences' Response to Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment was released

The Audit of Counselling report was released

The ANU announced that it would establish the Respectful Relationships Unit

The Discipline Rule was updated to include definitions of sexual assault and sexual harassment

The Respectful Relationships Steering Group and Working Group were established.


The ANU responded to the Rapid Context Report

The ANU responded to the Australian Human Rights Commission survey

The Vice-Chancellor issued an apology to any member of the ANU community who has experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment on campus.

Addressing sexual assault on campus is a collective responsibility, wrote Vice-Chancellor Brian Schmidt

The Vice-Chancellor issued a video apology

The Vice-Chancellor wrote a letter to the ANU community outlining the core values that members of the ANU community should uphold

The ANU announced a partnership between ANU, ANUSA and the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre to provide improved on-campus counselling services for survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment

Feedback for the Respectful Relationships Unit

We welcome your feedback about your experience of engaging with the Respectful Relationships Unit. You can do this by emailing

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Respectful Relationships Unit 
Ally Network coordinator 


Contact details
Joel Radcliffe  
Phone +61 2 6125 3121 (53121)
Michael Allan  
Administrative Support Officer
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Jazmeen Payne  
Communications and Outreach Coordinator
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Jocelyn Perry  
Project Officer – Education and Training
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