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The Australian National University (ANU) is proud to provide accommodation for over 5,700 domestic and international students who make their home on our beautiful campus.  Each Residence offers high quality facilities and a unique lifestyle, culture and ethos. The ANU Residential Experience is notable for its quality, variety, and support of students' academic, leadership and personal development. For more information, please refer to the Accommodation Prospectus.

We cater to a broad spectrum of accommodation choices. Around half our rooms are single bedrooms in residences with communal spaces for meals, social engagement, shared study and academic enrichment programs (both catered and self catered). The other half are self contained studio apartments and multi-share apartments with communal facilities for social engagement, shared study and academic enrichment programs.  All have outdoor and indoor spaces. Most residences are mixed student communities, but we also offer specialist post graduate residences.

Tariffs across the campus are in the mid-range for Group of Eight Universities and differ according to the facilities available and the size of rooms. Our aim is to offer high quality facilities at a range of prices to cater to students from different socio-economic backgrounds.

All first year students are guaranteed an offer of a place in on-campus accommodation and we encourage students to live in on-campus accommodation throughout their time at ANU. A mix of commencing and older year students provides a strong foundation for a safe and supportive community in residences. Please find more information about how to apply for on-campus accommodation on the accommodation page.

Residential living and learning communities at ANU are a critical component of an education at ANU. Joining our on-campus residential communities will provide you with:  

  • A high-quality living and learning community that will support your academic success, personal development, and path to graduation.  
  • Membership of communities that will contribute to your development as citizens, your engagement in your academic program, and will provide a unique opportunity to build your belonging at ANU.  
  • Access to residential staff who are student-centric and are dedicated to promoting and supporting student's safety, wellbeing and academic enrichment. 
  • Access to support if you face difficult circumstances during your time at ANU including academic support, wellbeing care and access to financial assistance.
  • Open and transparent dialogue about your residential experience.



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Residential Experience
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Ms Felicity Gouldthorp

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