Griffin Hall - Non Residential Community

At ANU, we offer students living off campus the opportunity to engage in a dynamic and connected university experience by joining one of our non-residential halls.

The non-residential halls at ANU offer students the chance to participate in the interhall network, comprising of a variety of sports, arts and social events with and against the residential halls and colleges. Internally, the non-residential halls also coordinate a huge range of activities, including social events, academic and career orientated presentations, information sessions and much more.

In addition to the events and activities coordinated by the non-residential halls, there are also teams of later-year students who are experienced and trained in pastoral care to offer peer support.

There are opportunities for students to take up leadership roles and receive qualifications in addition to the traditional university experience, to give them the skills and experience to prosper in their lives post-university.

Our first non-residential hall Griffin Hall established in 2010 and is open to all students at the ANU. It caters more predominantly for early year undergraduate students to assist with the transition into university.

Griffin Hall has launched the Walter Wing - a dedicated space for its post-graduate and mature age members! The Walter Wing caters specifically for mature age and post-graduate students through tailored events and student leaders who understand the needs of this demographic. Joining the Walter Wing is easy. When students become members of Griffin Hall, they will be asked if they would like to join the Walter Wing or the main Hall.

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