Independent Short Course Options

10 February, 2021 Notice - Following the updated advice from the Australian Government 'Do not travel' the Australian National University is not approving any independent learning abroad travel. We understand this is very disappointing news and will have an effect on your study plan, and we will work with you to seek alternative options in the future. If you have further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at 

Independent learning abroad provides students with an opportunity to pursue overseas experiences where PRIMO or college-led short programs are not suited for you. 
There are a number of third-party program providers that offer international experiences. Please note that students must seek approval from ANU Academic Colleges prior to participating in a course run by learning abroad provider. Without approval from your ANU academic college/s, you will not be able to obtain ANU Academic credit. Please consult both the program provider and your academic college for more details about courses and available room in your degree.

Registering your learning abroad experience

Register your independent learning abroad experience with ANU Global Programs to ensure your overseas experience is recorded and made known to ANU. Registering will provide you access to the following information and services:

·         Information on how to gain credit for your program;

·         How to apply for eligible financial assistance;

·         Information on upcoming pre-departure sessions;

·         How to apply for an ANU Travel Participation Letter;

·         Potential to meet other students studying abroad;

·         Requirements for ANU Travel insurance.

To register, please click here.

Learning Abroad Providers

There are many third-party program providers that offer international experiences for students abroad. ANU have noted below some of providers and courses on offer. If you would like to know more about these providers please contact our office.

CIS Australia

CISaustralia is dedicated to providing Australian university students with innovative, high quality, short-term overseas study, intern and volunteer experiences for academic credit, while promoting global awareness, inspiring personal growth, and developing engaged world citizens.

Choose from 70+ programs in 30+ countries around the world

Study at top ranking universities abroad

24/7 on-site support in all program locations

Detailed pre-departure and on-the-ground program and destination counselling

Immersive cultural experiences - explore historical and inspiring cities and sights, learn a new language, step out of your comfort zone, take part in unique and exciting adventures, experience what real life learning is truly all about

Improve your employability and build your resume and core skills whilst abroad

Be guided every step of the way by the highly trained CISaustralia team who are passionate about overseas education and believe that every person should have the opportunity to study and travel overseas - there is so much to learn and experience in this world of ours - and CISaustralia wants to help you!

Project Everest Ventures - International Social Impact Internships

Project Everest believes that tackling global challenges won't be achieved by doing what's always been done.
Our purpose is to solve the world's social issues through the creation and implementation of tailored products and services for communities who need it the most. So, develop yourself while you develop others with an international Social Impact Internship in your uni break.  Join a transdisciplinary team of other socially-minded students in one of our 4 internship locations to work on one of our social impact projects. We tackle a range of social issues across environmental sustainability, economic empowerment, access to healthcare diagnosis, and agriculture and food security, all in alignment with United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. You will be collaborating and engaging with local communities and stakeholders, and gaining personal and professional development in an industry environment like no other.

Visit for more information.


Unbound is an Australian social enterprise reshaping education. Unbound provides practice-based learning programs focussed on sustainability, entrepreneurship and social impact design across the Asia-Pacific region. All of Unbound's programs have students working in small multi-disciplinary teams on real-world projects. Just like most work, these are projects where there is no one right answer, and often the question also isn't clearly defined. So students have to work closely in collaboration with local community members to try to understand the challenges, and to workshop their ideas.

Students must seek approval from ANU Academic Colleges prior to signing up for Unbound courses. ANU Global Programs cannot guarantee credits for courses provided by independent providers.

University College London (UCL) Summer School

Based in the heart of London, UCL is a world-leading university. UCL offer a wide range of modules taught on their Bloomsbury campus in London. Modules are designed to count towards credit, however it is important to receive prior approval for credit from your academic college before accepting your offer.

Modules often make use of London as a learning space and include excursions and field trips to areas in and around the city.

For more information on the programs available please visit the UCL Summer School website.

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Summer School

The London School of Economics and Political Science offers more than 100 intensive short courses which run for 3 weeks during one of the three sessions/terms offered during summer.  The programs are designed to count towards credit, however it is important to receive prior approval for credit from your academic college before accepting your offer.

Programs often include relevant site and cultural visits, and weekend trips in addition to academic components.

For more information on the programs available please visit the LSE website