Career options

During the ebb and flow of your student life you might not give a lot of thought to your future career path but it's never too early to explore your career options by asking yourself a few questions:

  • what occupations and industries can I work in with this degree?
  • what knowledge, skills, qualities and experience are required?
  • what further experience and study options are available?

The employment market is undergoing constant change. You will need to understand how your degree is valued by industry and the type of jobs you can do, and keep up to date with trends and expectations to ensure successful decision making and job search. Take a good look at the labour market; you are likely to discover opportunities you hadn't thought about and some which may not be directly related to the content of your degree but which are still interesting. Actions to take:

  • research different careers and occupations
  • explore the pathways of previous graduates
  • gain exposure to different workplaces and roles
  • connect with employers.

Although the answer you come to in your first year of your studies may not always align with your values after a few years. You should try to periodically review your thoughts on career paths and look to make further decisions. At this point you'll need to prioritise your options and assess whether your choices are realistic. If you're finding it difficult to narrow down your career ideas try to remember:

  • there are no wrong decisions. We will have many roles in our lifetimes. Even if your first job isn't quite right, it will no doubt help clarify what it is that you're looking for and build skills.
  • to set yourself realistic goals and time-frames. Think short-term, medium-term and long-term goals.

But remember, nothing transpires without your own action. Create a plan that outlines the actions you plan to take and identify the skills and experience you need to develop and how you will gain these. Identify who can assist you in this process. Develop effective job search strategies and become skilled in application, selection and interview processes.