Self employment & entrepreneurialism

If you decide that your specialist knowledge and skills are highly marketable and the idea of being self-employed has appeal, consultancy is also an option.

Contractors and consultants are professionally skilled individuals with extensive work experience or specialized postgraduate academic qualifications. Normally, contract professionals and consultants are commissioned by organisations when extra assistance and specialist skills are required in setting up or conducting project-based work or when there is a skill shortage either on a shortor long-term basis.


Entrepreneurs start and build businesses. The entrepreneurs who create the greatest economic impact are those who build high-growth businesses with global ambitions and the ability to disrupt large markets using technology.

Recent reports by PwC'21 and CEDA'22 show that more than 40 per cent of current Australian jobs (or 5 million jobs) are at risk of being displaced by computerisation and automation over the next 10 to 20 years.

Entrepreneurs are a vital ingredient in the formation of startups. They are often the ones who see opportunities and go after them, managing risk. Entrepreneurial mindsets are also valuable in the workforce. Employers are increasingly seeking graduates with entrepreneurial experience and skills to act as internal entrepreneurs (or “intrapreneurs”). This trend has accelerated in recent years as more companies realise that their industries are facing disruption from startups and they need to learn to innovate more effectively than ever before.