Job search strategies

The employment market is undergoing constant change and keeping up to date with trends and expectations often underpins job search success. Take a broad and flexible look at the labour market, both locally and internationally. You are likely to discover opportunities you hadn't thought about and some which may not be directly related to the content of your degree but which are nevertheless interesting.

Here are some tips to identify and research potential employers:

  • Research the ANU Graduate Outcome Survey results to consider what others from your discipline have done after graduation ; national-university/undergraduate

  • Attend events like campus presentations and Career Fairs.
  • Use CareerHub for job listings, employer profiles and industry resources.
  • Read publications like annual reports, graduate recruitment guides and newspapers.
  • Talk to people - identify people that may have information you need; conduct information interviews.
  • Investigate relevant professional associations and become a student member.
  • Consult websites for peak employer bodies as well as employer websites.
  • Gain paid employment or unpaid work experience in your fields of interest.
  • Contact recruitment agencies and talk to their staff about opportunities.
  • Network in person and on relevant social media sites.