Connecting with employers

Finding your first job can be daunting, but hard work will pay off if you start early and actively seek out opportunities to meet a range of employers to find which organisations best suit you.

Many employers visit campus and actively recruit ANU students. Attending events such as employer presentations, career fairs, networking events and employer led workshops are valuable to find out about a range of careers and opportunities. You will gain inside information from recruiters, recent graduates and senior managers on what the organisation does, what they are looking for in applicants and how to succeed in the recruitment process.

Don't wait until your final year to get started - you may be surprised how early some organisations recruit for vacationers, internships and graduates.

Check CareerHub regularly for current event and job listings.

Stand out for the right reasons

  • Research the organisation and prepare some questions
  • that are not answered on the employer website
  • Appear professional. While you don't need to wear a suit, dress appropriately, be on time, turn your phone off and be prepared to introduce yourself if the opportunity arises
  • Don't ask inappropriate questions, such as salary details
  • Don't hang around too long. Being the last to leave is not necessarily a good thing.

Stand out for a good reason and the recruiter may ask your name or give you their contact details.

Your workplace rights

Make sure you know your workplace rights and obligations when entering the workforce.

See the Fairwork website for detailed information:

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