Note-taking services

The note-taking service supports students with a physical disability by providing a Note-Taker to attend and take notes at lectures.

Eligible students requiring note-taking support, will be asked to provide a comprehensive timetable of the courses being studied. This information should include:

  • course codes and names
  • days and times of lectures
  • location of lectures

Access & Inclusion (A&I) will attempt to employ a note-taker as soon as possible.

The identification and appointment of note-takers can be a time consuming process. Eligible students are encouraged to be proactive and advise of course details at least two weeks prior to the commencement of classes. Note-Takers will send class notes to the student either directly to their University email or through A&I, who will forward the notes to the student.

Students are required to attend all lectures for which note-taking support has been provided and to advise of any changes to lecture times, venues or enrolment throughout their academic program.


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