Inherent course requirements

Inherent course requirements are the fundamental parts of a course that must be met by all University students. Adjustments may be made to enable a student with a disability to participate in a course, however those adjustments must not fundamentally change the nature of the course's inherent requirements.

To successfully complete a course at the Australian National University (ANU), you need to be able to meet all the inherent requirements. If you are applying for a course, you should read the course requirements carefully to ensure you are able to meet them. If you have a disability or chronic health condition, contact:

  1. Student Administration Department of the relevant academic college prior to commencing an academic program for academic advice, including academic support, program structure and course management. Find contacts on the Key Student Contacts page
  2. The course convenor on the nature of the course prior to commencement, to ensure you will be able to meet the inherent requirements. If you unable to meet the inherent requirements of the course, support will be provided by way of counsel on alternative courses or options that are available.  In cases where you are already enrolled and the census date has passed, you can apply for a Late Withdrawal.
  3. Accessibility to talk about the adjustments that may be put in place so you can meet the requirements.


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