Alternative format

The alternative format service supports students with a print disability by providing course materials in an alternative format.

The process of accessing texts in an alternative format, from standard print can take up to six weeks.

Eligible students are encouraged to be proactive and arrange to obtain their required reading lists at least six weeks prior to the commencement date of their program of study. Accessibility are unable to guarantee that resources will be provided when needed if a reasonable time frame is not provided.

Resources in alternative format, will be made available to students via Wattle for the duration of their studies.

Convert your document into a more Accessible Format with SensusAccess

SensusAccess is a simple to use, self-service program that enables students with an Education Access Plan (EAP), or a person acting on behalf of a student with an EAP e.g a Course Convenor, to convert files into alternative accessible formats. You can convert documents and images, web content, and text into text, audio, braille, or ebook.

What do I need to Know?

The Legal Info: The Copyright Act of 1968 allows a student of the Australian National University (ANU) registered with an Education Access Plan (EAP), or a staff member acting on their behalf e.g Course Convenor, to use SensusAccess to convert copyright material owned by a publisher, including books, journal articles and other published works, into an accessible format. It is important to note that ANU would be liable in the event a person copied and used the material for any other purpose or further distributed the file. Material owned and prepared by teachers and academics as part of their employment at ANU, e.g. lecture notes, PowerPoint slides, training materials, memos, reports and documents may be converted into an accessible format for all students.

Where will I find the application?

SensusAccess is available to registered students on the landing page of the Student Access Portal. Current ANU staff must have access to the Access Portal to use the application.


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