Science & innovative technology

Solving deep problems through blue-sky and applied scientific research.

ANU has an intensive and illustrious research history in science, engineering and technology. ANU is at the forefront of basic discovery, and our scientists use their skills to contribute to advancing science for the future in many broad fields.

Research areas

Enabling science

ANU is a strong advocate for the importance of basic discovery research – the theories and methods fundamental to solving the deepest problems faced today. ANU is internationally recognised as a thought leader in key areas of mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry.

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Earth sciences

ANU is Australia’s leading academic research institution in the earth sciences, with high international standing built on application of fundamental sciences to address big challenges. Our innovative researchers focus on earth process and environmental science, supported by quality facilities and technical staff.

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Information age

In an increasingly data-intensive and instant world, our experts across mathematics, computer science, business information systems and engineering are working to improve the capabilities of technology, and the capacity for people, industry and business to perform tasks more efficiently and accurately and manage digital change.

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New materials & processes

ANU conducts extensive research into materials science and manufacturing, chemical synthesis, nanoscience and nanotechnology, and many related fields. These new materials and methods have applications in many industries, including biomedical, space, manufacturing and energy.

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Space sciences

ANU is a powerhouse in astronomy and astrophysics, including the observation and theory of cosmology, galaxies, stars and exoplanets, together with space instrumentation. We boast strong linkages to global initiatives such as the Giant Magellan Telescope, two optical observatories, and internationally respected luminaries such as Nobel Prize winner Prof Brian Schmidt.

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Physics & engineering

With Australia’s largest university research activity in physics, and focused expertise in engineering, our national facilities and critical mass allows researchers explore some of the most interesting questions faced today from all angles.

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