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What is PostAc®?

The matching between higher degree research graduates and their potential non-academic employers is poor.

Many research graduates have little awareness or understanding of the non-academic employment landscape, and are often ill- prepared for its demands.

Meanwhile, few non-academic employers recognise the skills, capacities and opportunities research graduates offer. In fact, most employers omit higher degree terms like 'Masters' and 'PhD' in online job advertisements.

This means that when job seeking, research graduates accessing traditional job search engines tend to see only academic jobs and make the assumption that there are no suitable non-academic jobs for them to apply for.

This gap prompted the foundation of PostAc®.

How is PostAc® different from other job boards?

PostAc® is focused on a unique problem - matching highly valued, research oriented problem solvers with potential users of their skills outside academia. At present, research graduates have little understanding of the potential market for their research skills outside academia, and non- academic employers seeking high value researchers and problem solvers have difficulty accessing these graduates.

PostAc® solves this problem by using artificial intelligence to analyse and filter millions of job advertisements to show what's right for each user. Even graduates working on esoteric research problems - such as 'Narrative Structure in Game of Thrones Novels' or 'Studies of Effective Environmental Activism' - can find jobs drawing on their expertise.

PostAc® has machine learning enhanced search capabilities, so researchers can use more specific, specialist language when looking for jobs.

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