We’re here for you

13 Sep 2022

We will listen to your story, work with you to see what would be helpful, discuss some options, and help you get where you need to be.

For Kathleen Kuntz, the wellbeing of students is her first priority 

 As a nurse practitioner in the Student Safety and Wellbeing team, she wants everyone to know that the team is a one-stop shop to help students in need. 

 "We will listen to your story,work with you to see what would be helpful, discuss some options, and help you get where you need to be." 

 Trained as a forensic health nurse, Kathleen has extensive experience in supporting victims of sexual violence. 

 "I am extremely passionate about women's health and sexual health, including responses to gender-based violence," Kathleen says.  

 As a nurse practitioner, Kathleen provides focused sexual healthcare and wellbeing support while working in collaboration with her colleagues to provide wrap-around care for any student concerns. 

She also hopes to initiate more avenues for sexual health education across campus.  

Kathleenand the teamare determined to build a sense of trust amongst our campus community. 

"We want everyone to know that our approach is trauma-informed and person-centred," Kathleen says. 

"Whatever youwant to tell us, is enough." 

While asking for help can seem a daunting task, Kathleen emphasises that it can be nothing more than a casual chat over a coffee. 

"When people are not okay, I have found that having a conversation with another person can make a huge difference. It really does help," Kathleen says.  

Having a nurse practitioner on our campus is cutting-edgeand is a key initiative of the ANU Student Safety and Wellbeing Plan released earlier this year. 

"We hope that this will be a great advance for ANU." 

 The team offers same-day appointments and walk-ins are welcome.  

For more information, please email student.wellbeing@anu.edu.au or phone 6125 2211. You can also visit the Health and Wellbeing Centre on Level 3, Building 156, Joplin Lane, Kambri, any time between Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm.  

Story by Pamela Hutchinson