Welcoming Dr Frédéric Grare to the National Security College

12 Mar 2024

Dr Frédéric Grare is at the centre of the Franco-Australian exchange on the Indo-Pacific. 

A renowned expert on the Indo-Pacific, Dr Grare joined the ANU National Security College (NSC) this year as a Senior Research Fellow as part of an expert program sponsored by the government of France.  

“Dr Grare is well placed to augment NSC’s in-house expertise and to make a strong contribution to NSC as a centre of excellence in policy-oriented research and international engagement,” said Professor Rory Medcalf, Head of the NSC. 

“I look forward to welcoming Dr Grare to NSC as a tangible reinforcement of the 

convergence of geopolitical interests between our two countries.” 

During his time at NSC Dr Grare will examine geopolitics and maritime security in the Indian Ocean.   

“This is a problem for Australia and this is a problem for France. This is the reality that we’re all facing. We are collectively responsible for protecting our national security – and we have to work together.” 

Dr Grare has moved between government and academic worlds. A graduate of the Geneva Graduate Institute and the Paris Institute of Political Science (Science Po), he has also served as an advisor at the Centre for Analysis, worked in forecasting and strategy at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and as head of the Asia bureau at the Directorate for Strategic Affairs in the French Ministry of Defence.  

He has also worked at the French embassy in Pakistan and as director of the Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities in New Delhi.  

Dr Grare has written extensively on security issues in Asia, particularly South Asia.  

Listen to Dr Frédéric Grare speak on Why Indo-Pacific maritime security matterson the National Security Podcast.