University House FAQs

4 March 2020


On Monday 20 January 2020, Canberra experienced a destructive hailstorm which resulted in extensive building damage at the ANU Acton campus, with most buildings impacted, including University House. The subsequent, and otherwise welcome, rain of 9-10 February caused substantial further water ingress.

The storm and rain damaged the roof, electrical circuits, and disabled the fire system of University House. Many public rooms, hotel and student rooms, and some service areas also suffered hail or water damage. The scale of repairs, coordination with the refurbishments that were to begin in 2020, and the need for heritage and building code compliance, together mean an extended period of repair and refurbishment. The ANU Facilities and Services Team is overseeing this major work.

The University is fully committed to reopening University House; but for the reasons above, this will not be until 2021. The exact date will depend on building assessments that are yet to be completed. When it reopens, the renewed University House will again be a sparkling showpiece of mid-20th century design, and campus and Canberra icon.

Is there any damage to the interior of the Great Hall, Scarth and Stanner Rooms, Common and Drawing Rooms, and Library?

There are varying levels of water ingress to each of these public rooms. The Hall and Scarth Rooms were most impacted by water, but the damage is repairable. There is only minor water ingress in the other rooms.

Is there any damage to the artwork collection at University House?

No. The entire artwork collection, including the Hall mural "Regeneration", has been relocated while repairs take place. Sculptures in the grounds will be protected during this period. We thank our colleagues at the Drill Hall Gallery for their assistance with the care and relocation of the collection.

How many resident students are impacted by the University House closure?

University House is home to a community of 66 PhD students living in the Garden and South Wings. They have relocated to Gowrie Hall, and remain members of the University and Graduate Houses student community. 

Are the grounds of University House still accessible? Are Fellows Bar or Boffins still open?

Unfortunately, all areas of University House will remain closed. We plan to relocate Boffins and Fellows Beer Garden to other locations on campus. We will provide updates through websites, emails and social media.

What about accommodation or event bookings made during the closure period?

Our accommodation and events teams have been contacting all guests, clients and partners to help make alternative arrangements. Any deposits or other payments will be fully refunded, and no cancellation fees apply. For enquiries or any outstanding issues, please contact our accommodation and events teams, at or, or call our relocated reception desk on 02 6125 5211 during business hours.

I'm a Member of University House. What will happen to my membership during the period of closure?

We will waive membership fees for the closure period. Members will continue to enjoy offsite benefits, such as reciprocal rights at our partner clubs.

University House is catering for an event offsite. Will University House still cater for this event while they are closed?

We hope to be able to soon. We are not able to use University House kitchens during the closure period, but plan to establish a kitchen elsewhere on campus, so we can continue to service events and clients across campus.

I have made reservations at Boffins. Who do I need to contact?

Please email, or call the reception number below.

Are the Molly Huxley carpark and other parking adjacent to University House accessible?

No. The Molly Huxley carpark and other parking adjacent to University House have been closed. 

How can I stay informed about progress towards reopening?

We'll update this page at least quarterly, or when there's significant news. We'll also circulate the ANU campus community and University House Members with updates.


Please email or call us with any questions or enquiries: or 02 6125 5211.