Susan Scott wins Australian Institute of Physics Medal

29 Nov 2022

Congratulations to Distinguished Professor SusanScott who has once again been recognised for her ground-breaking research on gravitational waves. The Australian Institute of Physics has awarded her the Walter Boas Medal. The Medal is awarded annually for excellence in original research that makes an important contribution to physics in Australia.   

Professor Scott, a theoretical physicist at ANU Centre for Gravitational Astrophysics, was selected for her outstanding leadership in the development of the field of gravitational wave science and the work she has done to advance the fields of general relativity and cosmology.   

"Professor Scott's most recent research further advances her contributions to the LIGO international collaboration, including her role in establishing Australian participation in gravitational wave data analysis," reads the award citation.  

"It is a tremendous honour to be awarded the 2022 AIP Walter Boas Medal which is assessed based on excellence in original research in physics," Professor Scott said. 

"My research concerns the nature of the fabric of space-time, including the singularities at the heart of black holes and at the start of the Universe.  

"I also explore how we can probe and understand the Universe using gravitational waves, which we detected for the first time in 2015.  

"It is wonderful to have my research recognised with this award, and I am thrilled to be the second woman to receive the Walter Boas Medal since it was established in 1984." 

Professor Scott recently received international recognition as the winner of the prestigious Pascal medal, the first Australian, and Australian woman, to be awarded that medal.