Student encampment protest in Kambri

03 May 2024
Message from the Vice-Chancellor (Academic) 
Dear students and staff,
Many of you may have witnessed the student encampment protest in Kambri. ANU is a place of respectful debate and we are proud of our long history of student political engagement. All staff and students are free to express themselves in line with the University's Code of Conduct and Australian law.
We also have high expectations that all members of our community will ensure our campus remains an inclusive and safe space by behaving in a respectful manner, even when members of our community have different views on matters such as the conflict in Gaza. This includes allowing ANU to deal with matters via our usual processes and refraining from engaging in any discriminatory or bullying behaviour - online, on or off campus. 
If any speech or actions discriminate or violate our Code of Conduct or Australian laws, we will take disciplinary action. You may be aware of comments made in the media these last few days. Appropriate action has been taken by the University. We do not comment on the details of individual matters.
We understand the ongoing conflict in Gaza and recent media events has caused distress for many members in our community. Our Student Safety and Wellbeing team can provide wellbeing support Monday - Friday between 9am - 4pm. Our staff can access support via our Employee Assistance Program. Please seek support if you need to.
Kind regards,
Professor Grady Venville
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)