Strong demand for student places

The Australian National University (ANU) will today formally welcome the first cohort of Tuckwell Scholars, concluding a week that has seen one of the largest ever groups of students arrive on campus to start their studies.

The Tuckwell Scholars, to be welcomed by Graham and Louise Tuckwell at a series of commencement events over the next two days, fulfil the Tuckwell's vision to see highly talented and motivated school leavers reach their potential and use their knowledge, skills and experience in ways that positively benefit others.

Vice-Chancellor Young said the University was delighted to have experienced strong demand for places in 2014 from uniformly highly qualified students.

"We set a target last year as part of our Budget Solutions package to grow our undergraduate domestic enrolments by five per cent and international graduate coursework student by 1.5 per cent. We set those targets because we believed them achievable while maintaining the quality of our education and within existing entry scores," Professor Young said.

"Our first week enrolments show we have met - and slightly exceeded the enrolment target. We have had a six per cent growth in domestic undergraduate enrolments, with an extra 151 students.

"International interest has also been strong, with a 26 per cent growth in international undergraduate students (96 students) and a 7.6 per cent growth in international graduate coursework (79 students).

"The new flexible double degrees are popular, with more than 1,000 students enrolling. Students have taken the flexibility to heart, creating 151 new combinations. We've also had a 250 per cent increase in enrolments in the vertical degrees which combine undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

"The most competitive and challenging degrees, our research intensive PhB program and the Bachelor of Engineering (Research and Development) have also seen an increase in enrolments.

"It really is a proud moment for us. We welcome the extraordinary group of 25 young Australians who form the first cohort of Tuckwell Scholars and across campus we welcome some of the brightest and most impressive students to ANU. I'm certain that we have on our campus today future political, business and community leaders, future inventors, discoverers and adventurers."