Respectful Relationships Steering Group

23 Mar 2018

Respectful Relationships Steering Group

Terms of Reference

The Steering Group will oversee the development of whole of university strategies aimed at both staff and students to address sexism, sexual assault and sexual harassment on campus. A priority for the Steering Group is assisting the ANU implement the recommendations of the Australian Human Rights Commission report Change the Course. The Steering Group will be assisted in this task by a Working Group that will be responsible for ensuring that strategies are effectively implemented. This working group will regularly report back to the Steering Group on progress in implementation.

The University is taking a multifaceted approach:

The approach of the University will be the basis of comprehensive strategies on Respectful Relationships. The strategies will be best practice and based in evidence; they will acknowledge the diversity of the ANU community; and they will be inclusive.

The Steering Group will oversee the production of the strategies that will incorporate the University's vision, its policies and procedures, its communication and training plans, their implementation strategies and its evaluation plans. The production of this comprehensive plan will be the responsibility of the Pro Vice-Chancellor, University Experience. The plan will include (but not be restricted to):

Reviewing current policies and procedures: The Pro Vice-Chancellor (UE) will be responsible for commissioning an external review of policies and procedures to support students, who are making allegations of sexual assault and/or harassment against staff or students and how these intersect with policies and procedures to support staff. This report is due to be completed by September 15 2017 and will be presented to the September 29th 2017 Steering Group. The PVC(UE) will then develop a proposed plan for new policies and procedures, with this plan to be presented to the Steering Group meeting of November 10 2017.

Instilling ANU values: The PVC (University Experience), Director, Strategic Communications and Public Affairs (SCAPA) and Director, Human Resources (HR) will be responsible for the development of a comprehensive training and communication strategy aimed at fostering culture change. They will provide the first draft of this strategy to the Steering Group for the December 11 2017 meeting of the Group.

Disciplinary action: the Registrars and Director, Human Resources, will be responsible for ensuring that the University takes the appropriate disciplinary action in relation to sexual assault or harassment and for providing to the SG by its meeting on 2 February 2018, a clear pathway derived from the University's policies and procedures, for the handling of complaints and for identifying the full range of sanctions which apply. Our actions are aimed at supporting the complainant and may include a wider range of options than current discipline/penalties.

The role of the Steering Group is to ensure:

1.    That the above strategies, approaches and plans are fully developed in a timely manner and to make recommendations to Vice-Chancellor and the Executive on their adoption. 

2.    That responsible office holders are informed of the work of the each of the component parts of the strategy and that the Vice-Chancellor and Executive area advised regularly of progress. The Steering Group will engage closely with the Working Group through the Chair 
3.    That each of the plans is clear in its design, are congruent with other University policies and procedures and that all include clear methods of evaluation, show clear accountabilities and communication plans. 

4.    That the strategy can achieve the University's vision of a campus free from sexism, sexual assault and harassment. 

Steering Committee Membership:

  • Donelle Wheeler (Independent Chair)
  • Chrystina Stanford (Canberra Rape Crisis Centre, External)
  • Professor Richard Baker, (PVC University Experience)
  • Jane O'Dwyer, Vice - President, Engagement and Global Relations
  • Professor Rae Frances (Dean CASS)
  • Professor Michael Wesley (Dean CAP)
  • Professor Steve Eggins (RSES, Academic Staff Member)
  • Dr Miranda Forsyth (Regnet, Academic Staff Member)
  • Associate Professor Christine Phillips (ANU Medical School)
  • Matt Talbot (CASS General Manager, Professional Staff Member)
  • Jamiyl Mosely (B&G Head, Residential Colleges Representative)
  • Alyssa Shaw (PARSA President)
  • Eleanor Kay (ANUSA President)
  • James Connolly (student member)

Steering Group Meeting Schedule

8 February 201810am-12pm
14 March 201811am-1pm
13 April 201811am-1pm
1 June 201810am-12.30pm
10 August 201811am-1pm
14 September 201811am-1pm
26 October 201811am-1pm
30 November 201811am-1pm