Recognising Coral Bell: a foreign affairs pioneer

Diplomat-turned-ANU academic Dr Coral Bell AO held an internationally recognised reputation as a distinguished scholar and policy maker, broke down the barriers for women in foreign affairs roles and continues to be a source of inspiration today.

Current Foreign Minister THE HON JULIE BISHOP MP was inspired by Bell and launched the new Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs. In the latest edition of ANU Reporter, read an edited extract of Bishop's speech at the launch.

Deep dives into foreign policy

"Good public policy requires open and honest debate and the healthy competition of ideas. ANU and this School continue to be at the forefront of the public discourse on issues that shape the direction of this country.

"In the field of foreign policy, this School has been instrumental in shaping the thinking on issues such as China's re-emergence and the future of Asia, arms control, women's empowerment in the Pacific, peace building, transnational crime and a whole host of foreign policy and diplomatic issues.

"As Foreign Minister, I have held what the Americans call "deep dives" on specific foreign policy concerns and I have used this School's policy experts, including Dr Greg Fealy, Dr Nicholas Farrelly and Anthony Regan, as we delve into potential foreign policy issues in our region in greater depth so we can better inform our public policy. I really do want to thank ANU for taking part in these deep dives.

A School for the "near north"

"This School emerged in the immediate period following the Second World War to undertake research in areas of national importance as we saw it then, particularly around the Pacific and Southeast Asia."

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