Part 1 of the Service Effectiveness Assessment 2023

13 Oct 2023

Dear colleagues,

At ANU, we are committed to improving services that support our teaching and research. You may remember that we ran Part 2 of this survey in May 2023. This is your opportunity to provide feedback on Part 1 services. Each of the parts includes 35 services. In October 2021, ANU introduced Part 1 assessment, with Part 2 services featured in April.

What is the Service Effectiveness Assessment

Measures importance and satisfaction with administrative and support services as experienced by professional and academic staff, and compared to other universities around the world.

When: 16 Oct - 3 Nov 2023


Part:    Part 1 Questions

Service list by survey part is available under reference documents section in ANU Service Effectiveness webpage.

Not all staff will be eligible to partake in this survey. If you would still like to provide feedback on our services, please use the University Services Feedback eForm, which can be used to provide feedback at any time through the year. We are always interested in hearing from you.

If you have any questions, please contact the University Performance team via Thank you in advance for your feedback which will help us understand which services meet your needs and where we need to improve. All your responses are completely confidential.


Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International & Corporate)

The Australian National University