No issue is ever too small

06 Sep 2022

If something is having an impact on your studies and wellbeing, we want to meet with you have a chat about it.

For the ANU Student Safety and Wellbeing team, there is no issue ever too small.

Established in September last year, the team can be the first point of call for students in need. 

"If something is having an impact on your studies and wellbeing, we want to meet with you have a chat about it," says Leeanne Kelly, Senior Manager of the Student Safety and Wellbeing team.  

For Leeanne, the aim of herservice is to ensure ANU students are getting the right support at the right time.  

Offering same-day appointments, Case Managers provide free and confidential* support for students who have been impacted by sexual assault or sexual harassment (directly or indirectly) as well as a range of other concerns that may impact their engagement and experience while at ANU, including:   

  • Mental health   

  • Financial concerns   

  • Relationship issues   

  • Conflict management    

  • Transitioning into university   

  • Isolation and loneliness   

  • Navigating ANU   

Case Managers have backgrounds in health, social work, counselling and human services, and aim to provide coordinated support, information and referrals for students.   

They work closely with other support and clinical teams including Counselling, the medical centre, Access and Inclusion and the residential halls and colleges.  

To mark R U OK? Day on Thursday 8 September 2022, the Student Safety and Wellbeing team want to remind us all to not only check-in with those around us, but to also ask ourselves if we are OK.  

"It can be daunting to figure out what support you may need or how to make that first step - this is where our Case Managers can step in and help you identify you needs and connect you with support," says Larissa Siliézar Mendoza, Practice Lead at Student Safety and Wellbeing.  

"Seeking support for mental health is a normal part of university life, you are never alone on this journey and no issue is ever too small."  

To connect with a Case Manager, you can email, phone 6125 2211 or visit the Health and Wellbeing Centre Level 3 Building 156 Joplin Lane, Kambri Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm and ask to speak to a Case Manager in the Student Safety and Wellbeing team.  

* Please note there are legal limits to confidentiality.  These limits will be outlined to you by a Case Manager.