Monday 12 July COVID update - masks not mandatory on campus

Message from Professor Tracy Smart AO, Public Health Lead - ANU COVID Response
12 Jul 2021

Mask wearing 

As of midnight last Friday 9 July, our COVID-safe campus alert level on our ACT campuses has reverted to blue - low risk.  

The mandate to wear face masks in the ACT has ended. Therefore, masks are no longer mandatory on campus

Of course, you are welcome to wear a mask if you feel you are unable to maintain good social distancing from people you don't know (e.g. in crowded spaces) or if you feel that you would more comfortable as an extra COVID-safe measure.

Face masks will continue to be mandatory for people under stay-at-home requirements who are leaving their home for an essential reason. At our Acton campus, this is likely to be residential students on stay-at-home orders who are leaving their accommodation for one of the essential reasons. 

Staff and students who live off campus should not come onto campus when under stay-at-home orders. 

As always, other campuses should abide by local jurisdictional restrictions and guidance. 


A reminder to be COVID-safe 

Remember - we still need to remain vigilant with our COVID-safe measures, even at low risk levels and when not wearing masks.

The most common symptoms with the Delta variant of the virus are headache, sore throat, runny nose, fever and a persistent cough (in this order). In other words, pretty much what you get with the common cold or flu. If you have any of these symptoms please stay home and get tested. Do not come to work or class. 


Please reconsider business-related travel to Greater Sydney for the time being. If you do need to travel, keep up to date regarding local conditions as things are changing rapidly.

New staff and students

Please ensure that new staff in your team, including contractors working in your area, and new students are familiar with our University COVID-19 Guidelines and ACT Health requirements, particularly the requirement to quarantine or self-isolate if they have been in the Greater Sydney lockdown area or an exposure site, respectively.


Staying informed - it's a two-way-street 


Please download the ANUOK app and turn push notifications on to stay informed. If we need to change our campus alert level, we will notify the community through an ANUOK app notification.  

When we need to hear from you 

Contact our COVID Response Office if you are: 

  • a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 
  • identified as a close contact or a secondary contact of COVID-19 
  • required to stay at home or quarantine. 

If you need any further advice or information, please contact our COVID Response Office.