Message to staff from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Updates for results release date and end of year graduations
1 October 2021

Dear colleagues  

I want to provide a quick update on semester two results and graduations at the end of year. 
I understand this has been a challenging 18 months for our teaching staff and I am very thankful for everyone moving so quickly to remote teaching earlier this semester.  

To support our teaching staff, we will move the formal result release date from 2 December 2021 to 8 December 2021 to give staff additional time to complete marking. As you are aware, we offered students the opportunity to opt-in for the CRS/CRN grading system for semester two and I understand this adds additional pressure when processing grades. 

Due to the change in date for release of results, there will not be enough time to organise graduation ceremonies at the end of year so close to Christmas. We are also unsure of what COVID-19 restrictions may be in place for large events so we have made the decision to cancel December graduation ceremonies. All students will be conferred in absentia on 20 December 2021 and have their testamurs posted out in the new year. 

We will implement a hybrid graduation celebration again, similar to the successful event we hosted earlier this year. The proposed date for our hybrid graduation will be Wednesday 9 February 2022 and this event will be open for the entire 2021 cohort - students will be invited to attend the graduation event in November. 

Students have expressed a desire to have their walk-across-the-stage moment - something all of us can understand. We will hold a block of traditional graduation ceremonies sometime in July 2022 to give our 2020 and 2021 graduates an opportunity to come back to campus and walk across the stage in full regalia.   

I will advise our students later today of our plans for graduation and the changed date for results release.  

These have been stressful and uncertain times, so please make sure you are reaching out for support if you need to. Hang in there - we are almost at the end of the year. Our teaching staff are doing a wonderful job and I am sure our students are also very grateful.  

We have a number of support services available for our community. Here are some links you might find useful:  

Take care everyone.  

Kind regards,  

Professor Grady Venville

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)