Macquarie and ANU partner on international education

23 Apr 2021

ANU and Macquarie University have launched a new partnership to enhance international student recruitment practices and knowledge across both institutions and Australia's higher education sector more broadly.

Working together, both universities will develop more sustainable, long-term strategies to recruit diverse and high-quality international students to Australia.

The new partnership also aims to provide international students with greater study opportunities.

"As two globally connected universities, Macquarie University and ANU will now be able to share our complementary strengths in international engagement and recruitment for the benefit of our students," Professor S. Bruce Dowton, Vice-Chancellor and President of Macquarie University, said.

"COVID-19 has accelerated the need for change and innovation in the university sector, and we look forward to building sustainable future strategies through this partnership."

"Together we can better contribute to the viability and vitality of the higher education sector as we recover from these challenging times," ANU Professor Brian Schmidt said.

"ANU can learn from Macquarie's sector-leading international admissions practices and success attracting a diverse international student cohort.

"Reciprocally, ANU will share our deep experience in North Asia, assisting Macquarie to grow its intake from the region.

"Enhancing the experience of students is also at the heart of this partnership." 

While Macquarie is focusing on growing its international undergraduate cohort, ANU is aiming to increase its proportion of international postgraduate students.

Pathways for undergraduate students from Macquarie to study ANU postgraduate programs will be developed as part of this new partnership, providing greater opportunities for students to reach ANU entry standards over a longer time frame.