Inside the classroom with Dr Samantha Bennett

Who inspires you? My son, who is my world; Yoda; my fellow academics; my band mates — they’re brilliant musicians with stacks of angst and tenacity; and students.

Adding punk to the ANU School of Music has been a pleasure for Dr Samantha Bennett. ANU Reporter caught up with the Londoner, whose resume includes a PhD in popular music recording techniques and working with a number of alt-rock bands.

If you had to teach your course (music recording and production techniques) in 50 words, what would they be?

Well-rehearsed performances, tuned instruments. Use your ears. Think sound, not music; frequencies not notes. Match the mic to the source sound. Listen again. Take time on placement. ‘Quality in’. Gain structure. Listen. When processing, less is more. Match recording, editing and mixing techniques to musical aesthetics. Stop mixing and bounce.

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