Incident on campus, 18 September 2023

13 Feb 2024

In September 2023, our community was shocked and saddened when several people were attacked and injured on campus.


Following the incident, ANU has taken significant steps to enhance our campus safety and ensure we do everything we can to protect our community.


  • We reviewed and improved our security arrangements on the campus. 
  • We have upgraded our emergency communication system. 
  • We are updating our incident response policies and procedures and will schedule scenario exercises in 2024 to test them and ensure our incident response team is well-practiced. 
  • We are actively engaged with ACT Police to fortify our emergency response strategies and ensure timely communication between ANU and ACT Police. 
  • As part of our close relationship with the police, they will use areas of the campus for training.
  • We made representations to the ACT Government in the immediate aftermath of the event.
  • We advocated strongly to the Chief Psychiatrist on our community’s behalf as part of the review into the circumstances surrounding the incident. 


We understand this incident was distressing for many in our community and encourage you to reach out for support if you need.