High number of ACT school leavers offered spots

Close to 600 ACT school-leavers have today received an early offer to study at ANU through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC)'s early January round.

Top ACT school-leavers who placed ANU as a first preference were considered for early offers.

A total of 1411 early offers were made by ANU to selected applicants for domestic places.

Applicants who applied to ANU through equity programs and alternative entry pathways such as the Partner Principal Recommendation also received early offers.

Naomi Eburn from Lake Ginninderra College received an early offer to study a Bachelor of Visual Arts, majoring in Ceramics.

"I've always liked the visual arts - it has always come naturally to me," she says.

"There's so much freedom in it - you can do what you feel like doing, it's up to you really, there's not much restriction."

Naomi has also won 12 months' free accommodation and catering at Ursula Hall, worth $12,500.

"It definitely takes the pressure off," Eburn says, adding that it was a surprise to find out she had won the prize.

"I was really keen to move out anyway and I wasn't quite sure how I was going to fund that or, because I was local, if I would actually be offered a place at all."

The 17 year-old from Cook says her reasons for studying at ANU are clear.

"I wanted to go to ANU because of its reputation," she says.

"I'm definitely encouraged by my teacher who went there and my parents who work there."

Burgmann Anglican College graduate, Malcolm Newland, has been offered a place in the Bachelor of Music degree at the ANU School of Music.

He says he was relieved to have received an early offer.

"I called my parents straight away and they were pretty happy. I wasn't expecting to get in but I was definitely relieved I had got in."

Newland says he found it difficult, initially, deciding what he wanted to do after school.

"Every single member of my family has become an engineer, so far, so it was a big leap for me to choose anything that wasn't either Maths-Science based.

"I can do Maths and Science, but I definitely have a lot more fun making music."

Canberra Girls Grammar graduate Caroline Hendy has been offered a Flexible Double Degree incorporating Arts and Science, with majors in English and Psychology.

"The reason I chose the flexible double degree is because it's so broad," 17 year-old Hendy says.

"Since I don't really have a clear idea of what I want to do, it means I can be flexible with the subjects that I choose and I don't have to lock into one career path."

Hendy says she's excited about coming to ANU.

"It's got such a fantastic reputation, being one of the best universities in Australia.

"I've had quite a lot to do with the School of Music for the past couple of years because I've been doing the type 1 pre-tertiary program. All the tutors that we've had have been fantastic and everyone's really lovely."

ANU also made 282 offers to non-school-leavers in the October and December rounds of UAC.

The University will make further offers in the UAC Main Round on Thursday 16 January.

Those interested in applying for a place at ANU in 2014 have until midnight Saturday 4 January to change their preferences through UAC.