Exposure sites at ANU

23 Aug 2021

**Updated 6.45am 24 August 2021**

This is an update about a COVID exposure site on the ANU Acton campus.

Please note that at this point in time the only exposure sites are Warrumbul Lodge and Kinloch Lodge laundry.

The University has confirmed with ACT Health that there are no other exposure sites across the rest of the ANU campus.

If you have been at Warrumbul Lodge or used the Kinloch Lodge laundry during the times and dates listed on ACT Health's exposure list, please follow ACT Health's advice here. Please note, we have contacted residents and staff in those lodges directly with this information. 

We continue to work with ACT Health on what the ACT outbreak means for the ANU campus and community and will continue to update our community as necessary.

All reported COVID cases in the ANU community will be reported here.

Please continue to follow updates about the ANU campus on our website: