Council News – Meeting: 2 December 2022

02 Dec 2022

Council News  

Meeting 6/2022

2 December 2022


Council met in person for the sixth meeting of 2022.

Council Membership
Council welcomed Ben Yates - an undergraduate student - as a new member, and also welcomed Catherine Fitzpatrick as the inaugural Chair of the Student Safety and Wellbeing Committee (who joined the meeting as an observer). 

Vice-Chancellor's Report
Council considered the Vice-Chancellor's report, including updates about leadership in the Colleges, staff and student matters, and research funding (Australian Research Council  grants).      

University Budget 2023  
Council approved the budget for 2023, and also considered the University's five-year financial plan 2023-27. 

Digital Master Plan (DMP)
Council approved a key element of the DMP - the Digital Infrastructure and Cloud Enablement (DICE) program, whose emphasis is on enhanced technology for teaching purposes and streamlining information systems.    

Environmental Management Plan 2022-25 
Council approved the Plan which is underpinned by the following six sustainability pillars: greenhouse gas management; energy management; water management; the built environment; the circular economy; and biodiversity & conservation.

Research Strategy 
Council approved the ANU Research Strategy following quantitative specifications and supporting detail being finalised by the University in recent months.   

Other Matters
Council considered several other significant issues concerning the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), insurance, and reports from Council Committees and the Academic Board.

Next Meeting 
Council next meets on Thursday 9 February 2023, followed by its annual retreat.   


The Hon Julie Bishop